ADDventurers - Specialised kids clubs and youth mentoring

Created to make pathways for success

Through specialised kids clubs and youth mentoring, we foster growth opportunities and celebrate the successes of every individual. We’re dedicated to empowering individuals with ADHD to reach their full potential, develop essential life skills,  and make a positive impact on our community.

Our mission extends to supporting families and teachers, offering emotional assistance, resources and advocacy.

Our values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They guide us to make the best decisions every day, and help us define our strategy, make decisions, and ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging and value at The Runway Foundation.

Belonging Whakawhanaungatanga

Providing a group of people with connections to others who understand and celebrate them, where they can have a sense of life-long belonging & extended whanau.

Opportunity Ngaa angituutanga

Where students and whanau are provided opportunities to grow and thrive with understanding, support and encouragement.

Success Ngaa angituutanga

It is essential that the joy of success is experienced regularly. We aim for every session to be a place for that to happen. And for this to be celebrated.

Support for the journey

Through our ADDventurers initiative we offer the following programmes and support:

Support for CHILDREN (School Years 2-7)

Small-group Kids Clubs for primary aged kids diagnosed with ADHD, where they can have their own club just for them.  It's a place to belong, to find friends, and to have fun by doing cool activities that support their social & developmental skills and understanding of how to manage their ADHD.

Support for YOUTH (School Years 8-13)

A Youth Coaching Programme for Yr 8 -13 students, providing peer & small group mentoring support in and out of school, as well as group activities that challenge and develop them in a fun and safe environment.


Support groups for parents & caregivers where they can gain support and encouragement from each other, as well as benefit from the collective knowledge & resources of the group. These groups include information nights for relevant topics such as help with school advocacy, IEP’s and parenting children with ADHD.

Support for EVERYBODY impacted by ADHD

Our annual ‘Thriving With ADHD’ event, based in Pukekohe is for everyone. Once a year around October we gather some great speakers that provide insight, share their stories and encourage everyone on their journeys. Our ADDventurers children and youth get involved, and it’s a fun night of connection, celebration and equipping!

We also provide counselling, workshops on ADHD awareness, and workshops on how to teach students with ADHD.

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Making an impact

Engagement with our ADDventurers programmes and initiatives helps to achieve:

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Increased school retention rates and decreased risk of dropout or expulsion.

Lower levels of anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide.

Enhanced opportunities for employment and reduced risk of unemployment.

Decreased likelihood of substance abuse or addiction.

Alleviated financial and relational pressure on families

Improved social skills and self-management behaviours.

Greater sense of belonging, leading to enhanced self-esteem and confidence.

Opportunities for personal growth and skill development.

Celebration of individual successes, fostering a positive environment for growth.

Success Stories

The ADDventuers youth group enables my son to socialise with peers and have the professional guidance of a fantastic youth support worker. He has gained confidence and looks forward to the themed youth nights” From a youth's experience the youth coach/s have been incredibly amazing with lots of support and advice given,  they especially help when in a crisis. It’s an awesome group to be a part of.

RochelleParent of a Student Attending the Youth Programme

“The support group has been amazing where we all have a laugh a good cry when frustrated and being supported over all. Without the support as a parent/s we fall apart. This has been an amazing journey with the support group and is really appreciated”

BrendaParent Support Group Member & Parent of a Student Attending the Youth Programme

“Runway’s ADDventurers is a community of awesome, supportive professionals that have and continue to help us navigate the many difficult hurdles. Parent support meetings have been a wealth of knowledge with a group of like-minded people who understand our story. Their nurturing and mindful interactions with our son is evident when it’s the highlight of his week. We could not be without ADDventurers and their guidance and am grateful this support is available right here in Pukekohe”

LoriParent Support Group Member & Parent of a Student Attending the Kids Club Programme

Derrick has been a participant of the ADDventurers programme over at least the last 4-5 years. Over the years, we have noticed a change in his behaviour on terms of active learning, participation in group activities and confidence working in groups. He has enjoyed the numerous activities offered to him on the fortnightly basis and working with his peers on his slotted date to complete their goals. Despite having a long day at school, he never seems too tired and is always enthused to go to his scheduled club day.

LoongParent of a child in the ADDventurers Kids Club Programme

My son has been attending ADDventurers for many years now. He has recently changed to the Youth group and is enjoying being treated as a young adult. He feels like he belongs, he is acknowledged for his thoughts and ideas, he isn't told to be quiet and to conform to standard school settings and he feels valued. The ADDventurers family are caring, open and very knowledgeable and they have been so important not only to my son but to my family. They help make difficult days more bearable. Thanks!

AzraMum of a teenager in the ADDventurers Youth Programme

Coaching has helped me to release my stress when seeing you (the ADDventurers Youth Coach). I really enjoy my coaching sessions…it builds my self-esteem up. I am able to let things go when talking to you

KodyA grateful ADDventurers Youth Programme Student

The Runway Foundation is passionately & determinedly developing a model of student support to  extend nationwide, and your generous contribution can give this endeavour a Runway of its own.

Youth with ADHD have a higher risk of disengagement from school, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, self harm, unemployment & incarceration. With your contribution we can reach more students, and provide critical support for their families.

ADDventurers - Support the foundation
ADDventurers - Terese & Mike Marr

Founded to address a recognised gap in ADHD support within our community, ADDventurers is rooted in the personal journey of our founders, Terese and Mike Marr. Inspired by their own experiences navigating ADHD within their family, they envisioned a place where 'ADDventurous' minds could flourish.

Help make a direct difference in students’ lives and back us as we develop an intervention model for at-risk youth with ADHD.