Through our after-school programs, parent support groups, youth coaching, crisis funds, and community events we’re working to create a holistic ecosystem where everyone can thrive.
The Runway Foundation after-school programs and parent support groups

Thanks to the generosity and compassion of local businesses and individuals, The Runway Foundation has been offering support to students and families in our community since 2015.

We’ve helped:

300 +

Students & families in the ADHD community

1000 +

Students and families through partnering with other community initiatives  such as counselling, foodbanks, crisis support, school camp sponsorships, equine therapy for youth, student scholarships, and camps for special need support

A pillar of strength

“I am thankful to be a part of a group of extraordinary parents within our ADHD community. Our fantastic kids are thriving with all their endeavours.

Thanks to the Runway whanau being our 'pillar of strength'.  We as parents meet often to discuss ideas and strategies that allow our kids to be their best.”

RochelleParent Support Group Member
A pillar of strength

A positive impact

“Runway’s ADDVenturers has become a huge positive in our lives over the past few years. As a parent I have found the parent support group to be hugely supportive and understanding. My daughter loves going to the youth group events. It is one of the rare occasions where she fits in and can be her true self. She also gets support at school through her Runway Mentor.

ADDVenturers have connections at the local schools and they work with the kids and the Sencos. Personally, I have found it much easier to connect with the school because ADDVenturers already have their "foot in the door". I am so incredibly grateful; I could just go on and on! “

SoniaParent Support Group Member & Parent of a Student Attending the Youth Programme
A positive impact

A place to be yourself

Riley loves coming to his sessions at ADDventurers. He looks forward to them and has learnt a lot about how his brain works and ADHD in general. We loved the picnic earlier this year and it is lovely for Riley to have somewhere to go where his quirkiness is accepted and appreciated and where he can be himself.

We are very grateful for the opportunity for Riley to attend this program and love how it celebrates the positive aspects of ADHD and gives tools and strategies to cope with the challenges, Thank you!

Heidi WolfgramParent of a child in the ADDventurers Kids Club Programme
A place to be yourself

A place to belong

My son has been attending ADDventurers for many years now. He has recently changed to the Youth group and is enjoying being treated as a young adult. He feels like he belongs, he is acknowledged for his thoughts and ideas, he isn't told to be quiet and to conform to standard school settings and he feels valued.

The ADDventurers family are caring, open and very knowledgeable and they have been so important not only to my son but to my family. They help make difficult days more bearable. Thanks!

AzraMum of a teenager in the ADDventurers Youth Programme
A place to belong

How has Runway helped you and family?

Runway has helped me a lot, helping me to understand ADHD and using it as my SUPER-POWER.

I have enjoyed being around Guy, Heidi, Mike, Terese, Lorilei, Mel and Kelvin who have helped me a lot through my journey with ADHD. I really enjoy Youth Nights being able to be me and not looked as different. Getting on well with Kelvin and other students. Able to share my thoughts and we have good sessions, I have really liked the one about Relationships 101 being able/confident in spotting good and toxic friends.

KodyA grateful ADDventurers Youth Programme Student
How has Runway helped you and family?
The Runway Foundation Picnic

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The Runway Foundation - Terese Marr

“Thank you!  Your generous support means the world to our youth & families facing this challenging journey of ADHD.  You have put a smile on their faces, and ours by helping us to build a Runway for their safety and success.”

Terese Marr

CEO, The Runway Foundation